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L. F., Utah - My headaches are getting pretty rare lately and I have had energy and drive that I have never had before. What you do is amazing!!! 

L. P., Visalia, CA - I have been receiving treatment/services from Jennifer of THL since about Oct 2014. Since that time, my back and asthma symptoms have dramatically improved. Also, my mood and sleep have stabilized. I was skeptical at first that such non-invasive modalities and products could help me but now, I am convinced! I am now working with Jennifer on other issues, as I work on keeping myself balanced and on becoming healthier. Jennifer is not only a homeopath but she is also an RN and has been licensed for years!!

Thank you, Jennifer (and THL!)


G.B., Visalia, CA - My biggest complaints were unusual fatigue (for me) & headaches that came on my right side behind my ear. The headaches, if they intensified, would go down the right side of my neck ( would make my neck feel stiff) & travel up to my right temple. it seemed that stress was the biggest trigger. Jennifer took notes & asked lots of pertinent questions, then prepared formulas for my symptoms, & they have improved immensely. I appreciate her expertise in this field & can truly say she has helped me. In the future, I hope to be able to wean off the remedies & use them only in emergency situations.


J.F., Visalia, CA - Jennifer at Total Healthly Lifestyle has helped me thru some difficult times when I was recovering from scary illness and had also developed major stress and anxiety as a result of it. She is professional, but also very compassionate and attentive to details about your

personal issues and treatments she recommends. She has greatly improved my symptoms and continues to help me to this day. My quality of life is 100% better because of the recommendations she has made for me. I would and have highly recommended to her my family and friends.


Visalia, CA - I have deep gratitude and appreciation for Jennifer's powerful work through Jin Shin Jyutsu. Jennifer is a wonderful professional who is really passionate about her work, which makes her the best. We are extremely fortunate have her in this area. 


I am more than amazed about what Jin Shin Jyutsu, flower essences, and homeopathy have done in my life. I consider these holistic approaches the best way to heal your body, mind, and soul. I have observed since the first session how my body and inner self started to balance. These healing modalities have become an inseparable part of my life at the physical and spiritual levels. I look forward to my weekly Jin Shin Jyutsu session; by the end of the treatment I feel completely relaxed, at peace, and renewed.


With God and Jennifer's help I am healing, I have found harmony, and clarity. 

Thank you Jennifer!


N.C., Hanford, CA - My son had cellulitis on his eye lid. The swelling and pain were significantly reduced by the end of the afternoon. Jennifer also customized a first aid kit for my kids which I use regularly especially when they have been exposed to other sick kids. They do not get sick if I give them the remedy as soon as first symptoms appear. Every household should have their own kit !!! I am ready for insect bites, infections, allergies, falls, burns, head injuries, seasonal allergies, headaches, colds and the flu.


S.J., Costa Mesa, CA - Last year, I worked with Jennifer for myself and my dog. I had a rash on my face and had some light headedness. My dog was a 14 year old golden retriever who had joint problems and was getting very lethargic due to reaction to medications.


Jennifer created specific homeopathic drops for me which cleared my skin and the light headedness became manageable. She correctly identified the organs which were stressed and tailored the drops to help relieve them. Jennifer's drops helped my dog wean off the medications that were affecting his lethargy. Her drops helped him gain mobility in his joints so that we could resume our daily walks, help him regain his appetite and enjoy a comfortable last 6 months of his life.


Jennifer is knowledgeable in her field and understands the human and animal systems well. I felt that she took the time to understand my specific situation and tailored her healing drops to work on the core issues. She also is very empathic and her bed side manner shows she really cares about you and your well being. I have recommended Jennifer to my best friend and two other friends. All are happy with her services and products. If you are stuck and don't know how to help a loving pet or yourself - if there is a homeopathic combination that will work, Jennifer will help you find it.


T.U., Mission Viejo, CA - I contacted Jennifer to help me with my Gout. She is certainly an Angel sent from above. Since being treated in 2012 my gout symptoms, and worst of all inflammation, have not been as severe. The whole greatness of the natural remedies is that they also help with my well-being and not just my gout. I'm extremely ecstatic to have met Jennifer and to have a great relationship with her. Her expertise for which remedies I need is done with professionalism and kindness. I expect to use her services when needed for the rest of my life.


J.Q., Hanford, CA - I am 83 and live in a city located in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Valley fever is quite common among the population due to agricultural dust and pollen allergies. I had sinusitis, and a feeling of lightheadedness, weakness and lack of energy, fatigue at the end of the day.


I phoned and got an appointment. During my consultation I had an interview and evaluation that lasted around fifty minutes. Questions were about all the different aspects of my health and family history. During the consultation, Jennifer suggested several Jin Shin Jyutsu holds to enhance my health. I received my homeopathic remedies within a few days. 


Within a few days I began to feel more energy and I was sleeping better. I have noticed an improvement in my other physical symptoms as well. Jennifer has also helped me put together a first aid remedy kit to keep on hand when needed for things like kitchen burns, bruising, heartburn, etc. It's nice to have natural remedies to replace all the over-the-counter remedies I used to take, without having to worry about any side effects. Besides the good effects of the remedies, the information on her website has encouraged me to watch my diet and exercise regularly. The results have been great! I'm looking forward to continued improvement.


D.B., Agoura, CA - I have eye allergies. They flare up at odd times. They get itchy and watery...I used the flower essence combination called "Calmness" and within moments all my watery itchy eyes were gone...thank you thank you...I love it!


D.C., Costa Mesa, CA - I'm a 72 year old woman that has had problems with my hips for years and have had two hip replacements and continued use of narcotics for pain. I also have problems with stiffness and am unable to complete household tasks and have difficulty getting around. I went through a phone consultation with Jennifer and received my remedies within 2 days. Within hours of starting the essence combination I experienced relief of pain and began to lower the dosage of my narcotic medication, ultimately stopping it altogether. I also began to experience more ease of movement. In the next few days I was able to complete household tasks that I had neglected for months due to pain and stiffness. A few months later I experienced financial setbacks and family problems that caused anxiety and depression. I scheduled a follow up consultation with Jennifer and there was a change of remedy for the depression and anxiety. Several months into treatment I didn't needed to use narcotics again and I didn't need to take essences as frequently as in the beginning. In spite of continued family issues and financial struggles I have continued to have an elevated mood and been able to cope very well with the stress in my life. My doctor even took me off my blood pressure medication (I never mentioned to Jennifer that I was being treated for blood pressure). It is now over 1 year and I am still not taking any pain medication and have retained better mobility. I'm so grateful to Jennifer for how she has helped me.   


D.C., Costa Mesa, CA - My middle age son that was angry, despondent, not wanting to speak to others in the household, very depressed and staying in bed most of the day because he was no longer able to face the day. Within 1 ½ days of Jennifer's remedies, he got out of bed and went out with a family member for a little while and went back to bed. The next day he got up and started to help with household chores. In a couple of days he began exchanging words with family members without anger. We are grateful to Jennifer for bettering my son's quality of life and look forward to more improvement.


J.A, Anaheim, CA - I am a 22 year old woman with a rough past, tortured with constant fear, especially at night, with constant nightmares. After consulting with Jennifer, and taking the remedies she sent, within a couple of days the fear was completely lifted and I no longer experienced nightmares. The results were pretty amazing to me and to people who know me. I recommend contacting Jennifer if you have any issues similar to the ones I used to have.


Also, my boyfriend had carpal tunnel syndrome and wanted to avoid taking prescription pain medication. Jennifer sent a customized remedy for him and within hours of using it, he had considerable pain relief and much better mobility. We are very grateful to Jennifer for her ability to help us with our issues.


M.A., Los Angeles, CA - I am writing for my grandmother who was 98 years old at the time. She was on narcotic pain medication due to arthritic pain; had problems with mobility due to pain and stiffness; and as a result, also had depression due to her inability to do the things she had done prior to an emotional traumatic event that had aggravated her symptoms. A combination of essences was prepared and was successfully used to lift her mood, help her move, reduce her pain and give her enough flexibility to move with more ease. Although she remained on her pain medication as she had much structural damage to joints, there was a noticeable change when a few drops of an essence was added to her water, sprayed on her affected joints, or even sprayed in her environment.  At some point she had experienced signs and symptoms of a stroke and presenting symptoms were indicative of a possible clot in brain stem per doctor. She was sprayed with a different flower essence combination both in the ambulance and in the emergency room and symptoms were reversed within a few hours and she was sent home. The doctor at the hospital said she had no signs of a stroke and didn't believe the ambulance driver when he described the symptoms he observed when transporting the woman from her home. She went on to live until 100 years old and passed away 2 years ago. She is greatly missed but her quality of life was very good up to the very end. We attribute much of that to the natural remedies she was taking.




8 year old female Labrador Retriever 

Sarah had a history of abuse from a prior owner.  She was fearful around people. She also had a limp in her right front leg and was taking a narcotic for the pain. She moved very slowly, was unable to jump or play and was hesitant when approaching people. She was seen by several veterinary specialists who were unable to determine the cause of the limp as MRIs and x-rays didn’t show any structural damage. Results: We prepared a flower essence combination that was added daily to her drinking water. Within 10 days she was more confident in approaching others and started to move around with more ease. Within 5 weeks she started to jump and play and only limped occasionally for short periods of time. The prescribed pain medication was being reduced and down to half the dosage at this point. Sarah had already begun to jump, run and play at this time. Her groomer also commented that she was a different dog altogether, stating that Sarah was like a puppy as she was playful and no longer fearful and hesitant. The groomer also commented on how great her coat now looked. It had become shiny and softer. At 10 weeks Sarah had a slight relapse with the limp, possibly because they ran out of flower essences for about 1 week. By this time Sarah had been weaned off all pain medications. At this time, the owners mentioned that Sarah was fearful of emergency vehicle sirens and lights. This gave more insight as to which additional flower essences would help her heal at a deeper level. After this next combination was prepared, based on the new information, Sarah no longer had problems with limping and approached others with confidence. She developed diarrhea for several days. It was completely resolved with a different Flower Essence combination within 18 hours. Sarah is now a happy, playful dog who enjoys running and socializing with all. She no longer takes any pain medications, and as a new development; she now chases around a reflected light or flashlight, when pointed at the ground or against a wall (as a cat will do). 


D.C, Costa Mesa, CA - Young Kitten - "Dusty"

A little over a year ago a mother cat deserted one of her kittens under my mobile home. The kitten was wild and would not come to me. It took me several weeks to get him to come out from under my home to eat. He was skinny, and looked like he was not going to make it in this world.


I discussed the situation with Jennifer and she made a formula for me to use on him. I began putting the Essence in his water and on his food.  Within a few weeks he calmed down and would allow me to pet him, he was waiting for me every night when I came home from work.


The next step was to get him in the house and into a cat carrier to go to the vet to be neutered and to get his shots. This was an impossible task.  I again spoke to Jennifer and she made a new formula for him. This formula was in spray form. I started spraying him and the cat carrier, I was soon able to get him calmed enough to take him to the vet.


I told the vet his story when I took him in and asked him to use the spray, to calm him down when he wanted to examine him.  Funny thing is that the vet did not listen to me they opened the cage, after I had left, and he darted out and they could not catch him for a few days. They called me and told me they were having difficulty with him. I again told them to use the spray that I left and to spray him and the area he was in. When they followed my instructions they were able to give him the attention he needed.


After the vet incident, Dusty was again fearful of human contact. Again I went to Jennifer and she mixed up another formula for him. After using the new formula for a week or so he calmed down and was much more friendly. I have not had to use the formulas on Dusty lately, unless I need to clip his nails. When it is time to clip nails I spray him with the formula for a few days and put it in his food and water, and I am able to groom him.


He is now the best pet I've ever had. He has his moments due to what the vet calls abandonment issues. I am still working with him in regard to his hiding when people come to visit, however I am told by other cat lovers that this is not unusual. I have never owned a cat before and am thoroughly enjoying play time with him and the love he so willingly gives to me. Thanks to Jennifer, he has a happy, healthy and loving home.


Parrot - "Mikey"

Every year during mating season he became aggressive and would bite me. I learned the spot the signals of this time of the year and would handle him differently.


This year I thought  would try the calming spray that Jennifer had made up for Dusty. I discovered it worked its magic on him just as it did on Dusty. The first day that I saw the signs of his yearly aggression I began to spray him and his cage. In the past the behavior would last for weeks.  This year it only lasted for two days, once the spray started working he was his old mellow self. He still did his beautiful mating dance but without the aggressive behavior.


I am sold on Flower Essences and on Jennifer's ability to come up with the right formula. She has made formulas for me personally and for other members of my family and I have never been disappointed in the results. When using the formulas, you need to be patient in seeing results. They do not work overnight, but once they start working they do the job. 




Plants had worms and insects eating the foliage. After spraying with our formula "Pest Free" within a few days owner saw less insects and worms and that the plants were flourishing and blooming more than before. Within 1 week all worms and insects were gone.


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