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Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essences are safe and effective for people, pets and plants.


For hundreds of years the extracts of flowers have been used throughout different cultures of the world as an ancient healing art. 

In the 1920s and 1930s Dr Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist, rediscovered and further developed this healing system. 

He developed 38 flower essences that address the basic mental and emotional issues as well as imbalanced personality traits that can affect our health. He also formulated the Rescue Remedy that is very effective for emergency situations. Rescue Remedy contains five of the 38 flower essences that were developed by Dr. Bach.


Flower Essences contain only minute traces of physical substances therefore they differ from pharmaceutical drugs, herbal remedies and essential oils. They are legally classified as herbal supplements but in actuality they are dilute potenticized herbal infusions that work at the energetic level. 


Flower essences are made from a sun infusion from the flowers of wild-plants, bushes or trees. The flower is picked at sunrise, placed in a glass bowl of pure water and left in the sun. The essence of the flower is diffused into the water. 


Another method used for the woody substances, is boiling the flower to extract the essence from it. Recently, more and more research and studies are proving the significance of the body/mind connection and the role it plays in the cause of diseases. It is important to understand that as you heal at the mental and emotional level you can dramatically improve what is happening at the physical level as well.

Each essence addresses a basic human emotion or personality trait. For example; Mimulus is the essence for those that are afraid of something specific. Aspen is for those that have unspecified fears.

Vine is for those whose natural leadership qualities are out of balance and have become too domineering or even tyrannical. Flower Essences subtly balance what needs to be balanced in order to achieve harmony within ourselves. Even if you are currently taking medications, you can still benefit from Flower Essences, as they don’t interfere with the action of your medications. They do not work at the biochemical level but at an energetic one. 


Just think of the benefits of using a non-toxic, non-pharmaceutical substance, directly from nature, that works without side effects. Flower essences are very specific as shown above with Mimulus and Aspen, both treating “fear”, but different aspects of fear. Another advantage to flower essences, unlike medications, is that if for some reason the most appropriate essence isn’t chosen, it will do absolutely no harm and cause no side effects, it just won’t make any changes. As a nurse I can’t imagine anything better!


There are hundreds of thousands of species of plants throughout the world and different individuals have continued to study the plants, and their properties, and have continued to research and develop additional essences all over the world. They have developed North American flower essences, Desert flower essences, Australian flower essences, etc. There are so many essences to choose from. For now, on this site, we will focus on giving you information and access to Dr. Bach’s original essences (English essences) and the North American essences. 


Note: It is important to have a medical doctor monitor your health conditions especially if you are taking prescription medications. Flower Essences do not interact with any medications or treatments because they do not work at the biochemical level but at an energetic level. Flower Essences are meant to enhance the healing process and shorten the healing time. THEY ARE NOT TO BE USED IN PLACE OF MEDICAL CARE. 

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