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Healthy Medicine

"First, Do No Harm" - All too often we settle for the quick medication to fix a problem, when in fact all we are doing is treating the symptom and not the underlying problem. Since all medications have side effects, in the long run, we can cause more harm than good - especially when self medicating.


For example: when you get a headache, do you take an aspirin? Think about it. You didn't get the headache because your body was deficient in aspirin. The aspirin only blocks the pain.The source of the pain still needs to be addressed. 


Our body presents symptoms to let us know that we have become exposed to or ingested something toxic, a microorganism has entered our system or one of our body's parts has been injured or is breaking down. Symptoms are part of our alarm system. They let us know when something is not right and it needs to be addressed in order to maintain our health. The body strives to be in balance at all times. All our metabolic processes depend on it.


There are times when medications are necessary, but instead of using over- the-counter medications why not use natural alternatives They incorporate what is in nature to enhance the body's innate ability to heal within to achieve a true and long lasting healing. Hopefully, one day effective alternative methods will be the standard form of treatment. The most effective and safest alternatives we have found are Flower Essences, Cell Salts and Homeopathic remedies. 

Flower essences are very effective in balancing our minds, emotions and personality traits. Learn more


Cell salts: All our cells rely on a particular mineral balance to stay healthy; a deficiency or an imbalance in our mineral grid causes disease.Cell salts maximize absorption and assimilation of nutrients from our foods.

Learn more.


Homeopathic remedies are medicines that stimulate the body’s own ability to fight disease and restore balance to the entire system in a safe and effective way. They are FDA approved. Learn more.


It is important to have your medical conditions monitored by a physician. More physicians (such as Dr.Oz)  are including natural remedies into their practice, giving their patients more treatment options. 


We use multiple healing modalities that treat the individual as a whole. Click here to learn more

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