We would like everyone that comes to Total Healthy Lifestyle to feel comfortable and have a good experience. THL is a place where you will be given individualized attention and be heard. Everything you say is confidential. We spend an adequate amount of time for your needs and you will rarely have to wait to be seen.


To become a new client, you will need to complete our New Client Questionnaire and schedule either an office or phone



New Client Questionnaire: 

The questionnaire can be faxed or emailed in ahead of your appointment or brought with you to the appointment.


Scheduling contact Robert Brandolino

Phone: (559) 553-2172

Fax: (949) 258-5623



We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure a safe environment for everyone.


In order to protect everyone, please schedule a phone consultation if in the past 2 weeks you have had a fever, a contagious skin condition or  cold/flu symptoms.


For office visits, please don't wear any perfumes, colognes, essential oils, Vick’s vapo rub, etc., as it is also important to keep the office fragrance free. This is where remedy preparation and dilutions take place and strong odors can antidote remedies. 

Additionally, it is best that you be free of lotions, creams or make-up to be ready for table treatment (dilution) and light therapy. 


We have made great efforts to offer these fantastic therapies at economical prices to make them available to as many people as possible. We hope that you will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to experience them, if not now, sometime in

the future.   


Remedies: Remedy prices with appointments range from $5.75 - $7.75 each.

Refills: Refilling existing remedies in between appointments is not typically recommended as remedies are constantly adjusted to move things forward. In the case where refills are appropriate without a consultation, pricing runs between $10 and $15 for each remedy.

Appointments: Please note: For all appointment types that go over the allotted time, an additional $20 for every additional 15 minutes will be added to your total. 

Initial Appointment:

At this appointment, Jennifer will go over your health history and your goals regarding your health. She will determine which therapies are best suited for your case and begin to implement them. (Please do not bring in bottles of medications or supplements as Jennifer will only manage the remedies she works with)

     In Office Visit: $128.00

     Phone Appointment: $98


The length and frequency of follow-up appointments are determined on an individual basis depending on response to therapies and the complexity and progress of your case.

Follow-Up Appointments:

     In Office Visit: (All in-office appointments include near & infra-red light treatment.)

              $  88 (up to 1.5 hours)

              $  68 (up to 1 hour)

     Phone Appointment: $ 38

Shipping and handling fees apply if you are unable to pick-up remedies at the office.

Pet Consultations: (Only phone consultations are available)

Initial consultation  $ 65.00 (up to 1 hour)

Follow Up                    $ 35.00 (up to 30 minutes)


In order to achieve consistent progress, and avoid taking remedies that you no longer need, it is  important  to be consistent with your follow-ups. Remedy potency and frequency need to be adjusted based on presenting symptoms as well as other factors which can only be properly evaluated by a consultation. The purposes of consultations are to properly manage your case, re-evaluate remedies, shorten healing time and prevent relapses. Natural Remedies are managed differently than pharmaceuticals.


Note: It is important to have a medical doctor monitor your health conditions especially if you are taking prescription medications. Homeopathics, Light Therapy, Flower Essences and Cell Salts do not interact with any medications or treatments. They are meant to enhance the healing process and shorten the healing time. THEY ARE NOT TO BE USED IN PLACE OF NECESSARY MEDICAL CARE. This consultation WILL NOT include any medical advice. 


Should you proceed with a consultation, you understand and agree to the above statements and do not hold Jennifer Brandolino RN, CiHom responsible for any damages arising from the use of the information on this site nor made responsible for any legal fees that might arise from such claims or losses.