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Enjoy Life

Life is a gift to be appreciated and enjoyed. Time and again it has been shown that the more you enjoy your life, the more likely it is you will enjoy a healthier life.


Make time for family, friends, relaxation, prayer/meditation, hobbies, art, music, etc. Find your passions in life. Love what you do and if you haven't found it keep searching and work toward it. 


The physiological changes that occur when we are at peace and experiencing joy are very healing to our body. When we are bored, dissatisfied, angry or grieving there are detrimental physiological processes that take place in the body which can eventually lead to the manifestation of our genetic weaknesses allowing chronic illness to set in. Add to that our now polluted world. Let us protect the one place these pollutants can’t reach.


We use Flower Essences to help us balance any emotional or personality traits that can sometimes keep us from fully enjoying life. They have made an enormous and beneficial impact on our emotional health as we have faced unexpected painful events that could have caused emotional and physical havoc. Flower Essences heal at the energetic level and therefore don’t interfere with any medications you might be taking. 


Another healing system that has been very helpful to us is Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient Japanese practice that balances the body's energy throughout the different energy pathways within the body, similar to acupuncture but without the needles. This is done by using your fingers and hands. It helps to calm the emotions and alleviate both acute and chronic conditions.

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