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Our environment plays an important role in our overall health. Experience nature as often as you can.


1. Use an air filter in your home, car and workplace if possible. Few people are aware of the amount of carbon monoxide we inhale while driving in traffic. Gas fumes are heavy and stay low to the ground so as you drive, especially in heavy traffic, the interior of your car is filled with toxic fumes. We carry a specific flower essence combination spray bottle to protect us from these dangerous toxins and we use it in the car as needed. 


2. Use a water filter for drinking and showering. Toxins in our water supply, such as chlorinefluorine and arsenic are not only absorbed when we drink, but are also absorbed through the skin when bathing. Keep in mind that when bathing, the warmer the water is, the more your pores are open which allows more toxins to be absorbed.


3. Clean all meats, fruits and vegetables with a non-toxic disinfectant. We use straight white vinegar. You can put it in a spray bottle to clean fruits and vegetables or in a bowl with some filtered water for soaking chicken and meats.


4. To reduce toxicitiy in the body, it is a good idea to increase your consumption of antioxidants and phytonutrients. One example is Blueberries as a good source for this.

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