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Disco Lights

Light Therapy

For centuries every living thing, creature and human has sustained themselves with food and water, as well as from the life giving benefits of the sun.

In our current world, we are taught to block the sun’s rays with sunscreens and limit our time in the sun in order to prevent aging prematurely and developing skin cancers.

Although we do need to be mindful of how much sun exposure we receive, depriving ourselves completely from the sun is detrimental to our health.

Currently sun exposure is even more important, as most of us work under some kind of artificial lighting and in front of some kind of screen. Our screen time is off the charts! The blue light they emit is so harmful to our vision and our overall health. Now more than ever, we need those healthy, life giving frequencies that the sun provides for us.

A good alternative to lack of sun exposure is Light Therapy.

That is why at THL we offer red light and near-infrared light therapy at every in office consultation. Light therapy facilitates the clearing of the blocked energy pathways that are at the root of our physical, mental and emotional symptoms. It also enhances the work of the remedies that you will receive during the session, and the ones you will take home with you.


  - Enhances the detoxification processes

  - Assimilation of oxygen and nutrients

  - Enhances circulation

  - Boosts immunity

  - Aids muscle function and recovery

  - Decreases pain and inflammation

  - Helps maintain a better mood 


These are only some of the benefits light therapy provides.

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