12 Individual Cell Salts
Biochemic Therapy
Combination Cell Salts
Calcarea fluor 
#1 Elasticity Expert • Varicose Veins • Hemorrhoids • Stretch Marks • Growth & Repair 

Ferrum phos
#1 Anti-Inflammation Cell Salt • Acute Fever • Colds • Fatigue • Throbbing Pain • Redness • Pale Skin 
Kali Mur
Colds • Sinus & Ear Congestion • Acne • Thrush • Indigestion • White Mucus/Discharge 

Kali phos
Nerve Pain • Headaches • Ear Noise • Anxious Nerves • Sadness • Restless Sleep

Kali sulph
Colds & Congestions • Skin Issues • Yellow Mucus/Discharges • Indigestion • Joint Pain 

Mag phos
#1 for Cramps & Spasms • Leg & Menstrual Cramps • Radiating Nerve Pain • Sciatic Pain • Colic 

Natrum Mur
Colds • Sinus • Dryness •Grief & Emotional Stress • Sleeplessness • Headaches 

Natrum phos
• #1 for Acidity • Indigestion • Heartburn • Muscleaches • Stiff Joints & Backs • Fatigue 

Natrum sulph
• Nausea • Biliousness • Sick Headache • Joint Pain • Damp Conditions • Sadness 

Revitalizing, balancing combination has all twelve cell salts in every tablet. 

Acidity - Tissue C
Key cell salts combine to balance acidity and end acidic belching and gas. 
Acne - Tissue D
Clear acne and other skin issues by helping restore skin’s natural balance. 

Tonic - Tissue E
Energetic phosphate cell salts boost vitality and reduce effects of stress or fatigue. 

Elastic-Tissue G
The cell salts veins and other tissues need for growth, repair and flexibility.  

Biliousness - Tissue H
The cell salts that digestive organs need to relieve nausea and gastric distress.

Muscular - Tissue I
Reduces inflammation, speeds healing and relieves pain and cramping naturally. 

Colds - Tissue J
Offers cells what they need to fight drippy, achy colds and acute fevers.  

Throat - Tissue K
Eases sore throat pain and inflammation with the cell salts throats depend on. 

Vaginal Irritation-Tissue N
The support cells need to keep vaginal tissue healthy and cramp free. 

Neuralgic Pain - Tissue O
Combines the cell salts that ease inflammation, pain and tension to help nerves recover from fatigue, trauma and stress. 

Nervous Tension - Tissue P
Emotional and physical stress relief to support all ages and challenges. 

Calc sulph
Clansing Support • Skin Sores & Wounds • Colds & Congestions • Yellow Mucus 
Calc phos
Growing pains • Bone Growth & Repair • Weakness • Digestion • Joint Pains • Teething  

Skin • Acne, Sores & Splinters • Scar Tissue • Sinus Congestion • Constipation 

Insomnia - Tissue A
Helps nerves, leg cramps, tense muscles and pain relax, so you can sleep. 

Debility - Tissue B
This natural dose of vitality helps support recovery, relieve pain and ease fatigue. 
Fever - Tissue M
100% Natural support for acute fevers and inflammations. 

What is Biochemic Therapy? - also known as Cell Salts or Biochemic Tissue Salts

The biochemic system of healing was developed by Dr. Wilheim Heinrich Schuessler (1821-1898), a medical doctor, homeopath, Physiological Chemist, and researcher. He was greatly inspired by the works of Moleschett (physiologist), Virchow (pathologist) and Liebig (agriculturist) on the relationship between cell activity and inorganic minerals.

Dr. Schussler discovered the twelve inorganic minerals that are the key constituents of our cells and he developed the Biochemic system of healing (the chemistry of living tissue). He found that all our cells rely on these in order to stay healthy.

7 Areas of Health                      Healing Modalities                        Support

Total Healthy Lifestyle
Total Healthy Lifestyle
A deficiency or an imbalance of any of these inorganic minerals will cause disease. The deficient inorganic minerals are determined by the signs and symptoms that the body is presenting, by the clients medical history and by facial diagnostics.

In order to restore normal cell function, the deficient mineral(s) need to be supplied in a homeopathically prepared way (diluted and potentized), making them safe and easily assimilated without disturbing the balance of the other minerals. These homeopathically prepared inorganic minerals are referred to as biochemic, tissue or cell salts.​

Cell salts stimulate proper use and assimilation of these vital minerals from our foods. (It is still very important to consume high nutrient foods) Replenishing and balancing these minerals restores the function of each cell, tissue, and organ. Especially of benefit when the body is going through times of development and growth (childhood, adolescence, pregnancy), physical stress (sports, overwork, lack of sleep, exposure to extreme temperatures), emotional stress, chronic illness, receiving nutrient depleting therapies (pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, radiation), poor diets (low nutrient diets, excessive protein and sugar), living or working in toxic environments as well as for those that have impaired digestive systems.

Cell salts support proper cell function to optimize health and ameliorate physical as well as emotional symptoms. In our modern world it is not enough to eat healthy foods anymore in order to obtain the inorganic minerals for our existence. Our soils and food sources are nutrient depleted . Agricultural practices (chemicals, fertilizers, crops are harvested too soon) have changed significantly and although we can now produce large quantities of food, it has greatly altered their nutritional value. The way we store, cook and prepare our foods can also deplete their nutritional value. 

We are very fortunate that Dr. Schussler has given us this great gift of biochemic therapy to mitigate for all the nutrient depleting factors in this modern and high paced world.Their effectiveness has been proven for over 150 years!​

Note: It is important to have a medical doctor monitor your health conditions especially if you are taking prescription medications. Cell Salts do not interact with any medications or treatments. Cell Salts are meant to enhance the healing process and shorten the healing time. THEY ARE NOT TO BE USED IN PLACE OF MEDICAL CARE
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